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I've come with several icons from several fandoms :).

[05] Barbie (Barbie dolls, Barbie in A Christmas Carol)
[10] Beauty and the Beast
[01] Great Expectations
[03] Sabrina the Teenage Witch (Salem)
[01] The Little Mermaid
[01] Nancy Drew (The White Wolf of Icicle Creek)

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Thank you so much for still visiting my icon community! I'll add more often from now on, I just need to get more organized :).
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I've been meaning to make more of these, so I've made 15 Beauty and the Beast icons with Harry Potter text. The first batch is located here. You can find a list of Harry Potter spells at Wikipedia.

[15] Beauty and the Beast


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I've made 36 icons of Belle from the Art of the Disney Princess.  A thank you to [livejournal.com profile] chichiris_chica for images.


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Just in time for Halloween, here are some Halloween Beauty and the Beast and Scooby Doo icons.

[09] Beauty and the Beast
[10] Scooby Doo and the Reluctant Werewolf: Vanna Pira

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I've made 5 icons featuring scenes from Beauty and the Beast with Harry Potter text.  The text is a spell, and I hope to make more of these because Beauty and the Beast, as well as other movies, have great scenes that could be used together with Harry Potter spells.

[05]  Beauty and the Beast


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I've made 26 icons featuring scenes from Beauty and the Beast and funny text.  A big thank you to my niece for the ideas for some of the icons :).  <3.

[26] Beauty and the Beast


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I've made 19 icons featuring images from a Beauty and the Beast comic book.

[19] Beauty and the Beast

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I've made 7 icons featuring the ballroom scene, many in black and white, and one featuring Belle from the Beauty and the Beast comic book.

[08]  Beauty and the Beast

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I've made 11 icons featuring scenes from the Prologue of Beauty and the Beast.

[11] Beauty and the Beast

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These are a few icons I made out of two layouts I have from my fansite.  Some of them look somewhat similar but they have slightly different coloring.

[16] Beauty and the Beast

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I've made ten icons featuring quotes from Beauty and the Beast.  I hope to make more quote icons soon, they're really fun to make. 

[10] Beauty and the Beast Quotes

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I thought I would post up links in a post to all of the screencaptures I have made so far. 

At my screencapture website, I currently have:
Barbie Movies (Barbie in the Nutcracker, Barbie as Rapunzel, Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper, Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus)
Mean Girls
Sleepy Hollow
Van Helsing

I also have screencaptures of several versions of Beauty and the Beast (Disney, GoodTimes...) at my fansite.

I'll update this post whenever I have added new screencaptures.
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There are various subjects in this icon post.  Some of these icons I made some time ago and others were made more recently.

[03] 6Teen
[13] Barbie (Nutcracker, 12 Dancing Princesses, A Christmas Carol)
[69] Beauty and the Beast
[05] Kung Fu Panda (Master Oogway)
[03] Sleepy Hollow
[11] Total Drama Island
[10] Van Helsing
[01] Word Girl

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